Monday, 19 April 2010

other things i do

Till i post more pictures of the catamaran project....

I finally finished of a deck today I worked on with colleagues from my boat building college for the last weeks.
Most of the deck planking was still in good condition and just a few short planks on the aft deck needed replacing.

After cleaning out the rebates between the planks, we opened up the seams with a wedge shaped caulking iron. It probably has a better name than that... Dumb Iron is probably the right name for it.
Then cotton went in the seams. Not a lot because the planks were already pretty tight. We then heated up TBS Deck Seam Glue and payed the seams with that sticky stuff.
It is a messy job and after the first few seams we were actually getting a bit worried about this deck being covered in black spots and blobs...
Luckily it scrapes of quite easy. especially if you got this:


  1. Leonard, this looks like a great restoration project, what is this boat? Looks like a fishing vessel and I'd love to see more photos.
    Let's christen this blog with a good smack of champagne over the bow.

  2. Would love to also see some surf/surfing pics of your local area. Am looking forward to following your blog, good luck ahead.
    cheers Dan