Monday, 26 April 2010

more epoxy coating


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  2. Paul,
    Your readers want to know WHY you are coating everything in epoxy...


  3. Good luck with the build.
    Do you build the dagger version or the antivortex panel one?

  4. Hi Paul,

    Is this a biplane boat, as the DUO name implies?

  5. sorry for taking some time to respond...

    Christian: we are going to build the version with the daggerboards.

    michael: primary reason to encapsulate the wood we use in epoxy is to protect it against moisture. this book gougeon brothers on boat construction was and is helpful and goes into detail. of course they absolutely praise wood epoxy composite boat building (that's how they make their money) but they also have a lot of experience and spent a good time in developing and refining those techniques needed if you work with wood and epoxy. you and a lot of other folks probably know this book already anyways...

  6. Hi mf,

    do you mean a biplane rig?? then the answer is no. she will be rigged as a simple bermudan sloop with probably a carbon fibre mast yet to be designed...

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